Dreams to Visions

Dreams to Visions

Patricia Truitt


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Dreams to Visions is a testament of God's power. Throughout my life God has guided and prepared me for things through dreams and visions. Each dream and vision was unique. Some dreams and visions were specific to the season I was experiencing in my life. My dreams and visions were not always pleasant, and I endured many sleepless nights. However, I understand it was God's way of warning me of things happening or things that were to come. I wanted to share my experience with others about my dreams and visions, but I was often met with criticism. It was not my task to make others around me believe in God's power. Oftentimes, I wondered why me, but why not me. I was chosen, handpicked by God, to be a visionary. This book covers my journey and experiences with God through dreams and visions. It is a personal account of my relationship with God.