The Magic of Merla

The Magic of Merla

Marcela Cmarkova


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The Magic of Merla is about feeling like we don’t belong because of the way we experience the world and reality around us. This book shines light on how we abandon our true ‘magical’ selves in order to be accepted by others and live a life filled with unwanted emotions, while craving the ‘magic’ and wholeness we felt as children.


Marcela Cmarkova:
Marcela is a Lifestyle and Mindset Mentor that helps women and children to create a life they want and love by being themselves - without any guilt, shame and expectations. As a child, Marcela felt like she didn’t belong anywhere because she saw ‘magic’ and ‘magical beings’ around her, while others didn’t believe it. She was often mocked for her beliefs and visions. She abandoned everything she believed in - just to fit in, to be ‘normal’ like others. She endured years of living her life on auto-pilot. Later in life, she started to find her way back into the ‘magical world’, back to herself - back to being Merla. Marcela is an advanced student and follower of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his teachings. She is happily married, has 2 beautiful daughters and is living her best life.