The Laws of Time

The Laws of Time

Andrew Pulliam


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The world has been dramatically changed . . . for the worse. And it is Aaron's fault. He vowed never to use his time machine to change history, only to record history accurately. But a slip leads to a crime organization, the Outfit, chasing Aaron to get the machine. Despite Aaron using the machine to try to escape the Outfit, it ends up stealing the machine. The Outfit then forces Aaron to help it use the machine to radically change the Twentieth Century. The Outfit makes changes that allow the Axis powers to win World War II and take over most countries of the world. The Outfit does this so that it can control the rest of the world through the countries of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Even worse, in order for the world to get rid of the U.S.'s geopolitical competitors, the Outfit uses nuclear weapons to commit genocide in Russia and China. Russia and China cease to exist after the bombings. The Outfit ensures that it is the only entity with nuclear weapons. After making the changes, the Outfit locks Aaron away, keeping him alive only long enough to have him train them to use the machine. Aaron is the only person who knows how history should have happened, but he is a prisoner. Can he escape, correct history, and save the world?