More Weird (but true) Short Stories

More Weird (but true) Short Stories

Darla Fisher


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This is the second in a series of short story books by the author, an easy-to-read book and hard to put down. The stories are engaging and sometimes hard to believe, yet true! It is an interesting travel through the strange and occult. This author shares with us in this work some very personal happenings in her life, which are unusual. Many of us have experienced similar things but are reluctant to talk about them. How many of us have received knowledge of future events? Or we have a feeling of just "knowing" when there is no obvious reason to believe what we feel. Many of the strange happenings reflected in this book were finally confirmed. However, there are some reflected herein that have yet to be confirmed, such as the death of the author. She received knowledge about the circumstances surrounding her death. We can only wait and see if that will happen.