My Alcoholic Love Story

My Alcoholic Love Story

Laura Martinson


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This is your beginning, the beginning to a new perspective and a new way of thinking about your unhappiness. This story is my innocent attempt at sharing the path I chose to take toward inner peace and love for myself. The path in which I chose to take was through the experiences of an alcoholic. According to the world, I was a drunk. According to my soul, I was lonely. I invite you to join me in my journey through childhood, into my full-blown alcoholism, and finally, into what this story is all about: How I woke up, got sober, and began the process of becoming free from fear with the stunning realization that I was needlessly living a life of self-inflicted pain. This is the message of how an average alcoholic woman decided to LEARN FROM HER PAIN. Throughout my story, I will offer brutal honesty as well as my personal shame so that you can feel connected with the person I used to be, the person with whom I believe to have had a sick soul. My sick soul was not something for me to be ashamed of. Instead, it was something that needed love and attention. I encourage anyone who feels alone, afraid, angry, resentful, or empty to open up your mind, reacquaint yourself with your soul, and accompany me on my humble destination toward freedom from pain. My soul was healed by the grace of God, and now my purpose is to enlighten anyone looking to change their lives.