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Petrification is a collection of seventeen short stories. Beelzebub the demon has transported over time zones to arrive at the Rothchild's party to cause mayhem in "Now Meet Beelzebub the Hero." "The Subliminal Voice of Liberty" is a poem recited by a man in Shanty Town, Jamaica. "Morbidity" is a bizarre account of a person stuck in a cycle of hallucinating. "The Afterlife" describes different afterlife sequences for certain types of people. "When They Les Miserables" is a campy short about two police officers on the prowl to find vagrants and abuse them. "White Wedding" is a freak wedding completely disrupted. "Worse Than Kitsch" is a short, fat, bald guy narrating a typical day in advertising. "Petrification" is a sci–fi short about a man contracting a strange desert virus and becoming bodily dead but having brain activity continue in his mind for a month. "The Edge" is a solitary wild man existing on a tropical island alone. "360" is a freakish rotation of an entire basketball arena during a game. "Unnamed" is an abstract entity that communicates telepathically with people and imitates a radio show. "The Beelzebub Interview" takes a freelance writer through history explaining catastrophic events and how they happened. And finally, Albert Einstein speaks to a man in the future through a special 'time warp screen' in "Einstein's Address to the Public of the Future".