Air Forces

Air Forces

The Next Generation

Assoc. Prof. Amit Gupta, Assoc. Prof. Sharad Joshi, Dr. Gregory Alegi, Prof. Peter W. Gray, Dr. Ron Gurantz


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The use of air power, like any other military force, is now becoming increasingly complicated. Missions are changing: an increase in intrastate wars, the use of air assets against terrorism, and deployment of air forces to conduct military operations other than war, coupled with budgetary and personnel pressures, continue to affect a nation’s ability to maintain competency in the aeronautical sphere of operations. Further, the number and type of actors deploying air power have changed, as has the technology. Each forward-thinking air force needs to consider potential threat scenarios that are futuristic and require some degree of planning. This volume contains data on 14 nations and their attempts to modernize, mobilize, and keep ahead of their adversaries. Knowledge of other nations’ current force structure, doctrine, and threat environment, how their budgetary pressures are affecting their acquisition decisions and whether they intend to seek interoperability provides valid and relevant information for your own aerospace capability program.