The Nightshade’s Touch

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The Nightshade’s Touch

A Paranormal Space Fantasy

Pippa DaCosta


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“Be careful which star you wish upon…”

The unseelie—banished by Oberon long ago—are stirring awake, and there’s one name on their dark lips: Nightshade. Kesh is beginning to settle into her role as Halow’s messenger, saving people from the fae with the help of Kellee, Talen, Arran, and Sota, but if she has any hope of making her wrongs right, she must trust those around her. Without them, there is no messenger. Friends, lovers, more. But one has a secret. A secret so dark it threatens to change everything Kesh believes in. A secret that could change the fate of Faerie, Halow, and all of humanity. When the fae abandoned the stars long-ago, they left behind more than fairytales. They left behind their monsters.

The fae-in-space “mind-blowing” bestselling series continues in The Nightshade’s Touch, Messenger Chronicles #3.


Pippa DaCosta:

Pippa DaCosta is the USA Today bestselling author of the Veil series, the Soul Eater series, the London Fae series, Girl From Above and more.