VeggieTales I Can Read Collection

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VeggieTales I Can Read Collection

Level 1

Karen Poth, Doug Peterson


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This audiobook bundle includes favorite I Can Read! titles from the VeggieTales series:

Larry Makes a Choice

  • Will Cowboy Larry take the long, hard road, or will he cheat and take the easy path during his cattle-drive test? Ride along to see how he realizes the importance of choosing to do what’s right.

Pirate in Training

  • Junior has a plan. He wants to quit school. He wants to be a pirate. But Junior’s pirate friends remind him that there is more to life than fun . . . and God already has a plan for Junior!

LarryBoy and the Mudslingers

  • A day at the water park turns messy for some Veggie friends. Can LarryBoy and Alfred lend a hand and save the day?

Sheerluck Holmes and the Case of the Missing Friend

  • When Sniffy goes missing, everyone begins to wonder where he went. Could it be that they hurt his feelings? This is surely a case for Sheerluck Holmes!

Princesses, Pirates, and Cowboys

  • What happens when the King of Scone holds a pie contest, the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything want to try something new, and the Ratt Scallion gang comes to Dodge Ball City? Find out in this adorable collection of tales from the Veggies!

Princess Petunia and the Good Knight

  • It’s time for the Great Pie Games, and Princess Petunia has to choose the champion of all knights. What makes the Duke of Scone so special?

What’s Up with Lyle?

  • Lyle the Viking likes to knit. What will Lyle’s friends think when he uses his special gift to teach his friends a lesson?

Junior Battles to Be His Best

  • When the Battle of the Bands is announced, many of Junior’s friends plan on competing. But not Junior! How can he play his tuba in front of everyone? He is not that good … or is he?

Bob and Larry’s Creation Vacation

  • Bob and Larry are planning their yearly vacation. What better thing to do than tour God’s creation? Travel along with these Veggie friends and see just how good God’s work is!

Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience

  • The Pod Squad needs some detective training, and Bob and Larry are on the job. But will the expert detectives be able to stay patient when things don’t go their way?

LarryBoy Meets the Bubblegum Bandit

  • All the residents of Bumblyburg are feeling lazy. Can LarryBoy save the day, or will the Bubblegum Bandit take over Bumblyburg?


Karen Poth:

Throughout her career, Karen Poth has held various positions in the Children's Entertainment Industry including Vice President of Design at Big Idea/VeggieTales, Product Developer at Walt Disney World, CCO of SpringSprang Studio, and Kid's Innovation Strategist at Hallmark Cards. She holds a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri. She lives with her husband and seven-year-old son in Lenexa, KS.



Doug Peterson is an award-winning author who has put his talents to good use in chronicling the adventures of Larryboy, including co-writing the best-selling VeggieTales video, “Larryboy and the Rumor Weed.”